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Doing It for the Art: In universe

He has been stealing valuables for near on 20 years and obsessed with finding an ancient treasure, but he did it so he could provide for his wife and son. Bruiser with a Soft Center: Valentinian and Rana Sanga are remorseless in their military goals, but love their respective children, and most of the badasses have their particular issues in which they reveal their softer side.

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Later, that ability comes in handy when he Valentino Replica Handbags has to revive S The Chew Toy: Mierd That doesn’t mean he can’t steal the spotlight from time to time. Coal takes on the role of her ex to trick her into giving Hermes Replica Handbags him the Deco Stones. Crapsack World: The (third) future in “Ego Trip” has everyone too stupid to do anything right and living in extremely poor conditions.

In this form, may overlap with the Almighty Janitor.. In episode 12, Gora is revealed to have been a Battle Lover in the past. Jet Pack: Complete with Nazi stormtroopers! Military Mashup Machine: Where do we begin? Probably the Real Life World War II military hardware that is Transforming Mecha.